We held a racial justice retreat for a group of 25 advanced sexuality educators with long-standing group dynamics, traditions, and decades of struggle on addressing racism within the group and the field. Our trainers, Shreya and Nico, worked with us to create a customized training to help us get “unstuck” that spoke to the particulars of sexuality education and to our group. The training itself was exactly what we needed as a group – we were challenged, supported, and held accountable in the best possible ways. Not only was the training effective and well facilitated, our trainers expertly navigated facilitating people whose life work is facilitating trainings, and helped us to get out of our own way. As a group, we left feeling inspired, energized, and capable of moving forward in our work towards racial justice. Shreya brings a lightness and joyful spirit to their trainings – which is particularly helpful in balancing out the intensity of racial justice trainings. They are able to navigate challenging group dynamics with a gentle, yet strong hand – all the while sharing their perspectives and expertise in ways that are meaningful to participants. Shreya is a very talented trainer…     

{Eli R. Green, PhD, CSE} 

SALTWATER is committed to sharing skills and trainings that strengthen communities and organizations and movement-building for sustainable, lasting social change.

SALTWATER designs, plans, and facilitates retreats, institutes, leadership development, webinars, individualized and group coaching, panel speaking, and long-term strategic planning processes across the states and beyond. We are happy to work with you to customize trainings based on the issue and content priorities of your group/organization. The following list gives a general sense of our offerings and is by no means exclusive.Contact me directly to find out more.


  • Strategic Planning Processes
  • Visioning (ie, Creating or Revisiting a 5-year Plan, Re-energizing Goals & Visions, Re-thinking Future Work & Team Capacity)
  • Organizational Structure and Culture Shifting (i.e. Support for Challenging Team Dynamics & Conflict, Creating Shared Team Expectations, Assessing/Building Diversity & Inclusiveness, Shifting/Re-distributing Power, Building Empowered Leadership)
  • Curriculum Development & Support (i.e. Creating Trainings for your Group’s Specific Needs, Integrating Creative and Participatory Activities into Workshop Design)
  • Meeting Facilitation  (i.e. Facilitation for One-Hour or Multiple/Regular Meetings, Support during Organizational Transitions)
  • Retreat Design and Facilitation  (i.e. Support for Planning and/or Implementing Annual Retreats, Visioning Retreats)
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)  (i.e. Strengthening Facilitation, Conflict Mediation and Transformation Skill-building, Anti-Oppression, & Social Justice Skill-building for Trainers, Activists, or Educators)
  • Story-based Advocacy Trainings


  • Anti-Oppression Trainings   (i.e. Power & Privilege, Intersectionality, Classism, Racism, Gender-based Discrimination, Interrupting Oppressive Moments)
  • Direct Services Best Practices    (i.e. Motivational Interviewing, Objective Case-Noting, Navigating Implicit Bias, Asset-based Strategies, Practices to Maintain a Sustainable Work Place, Navigating Vicarious Trauma For Social Workers, Preventing Burnout)
  • Meeting & Group Facilitation Best Practices  (i.e. Stronger Meeting Facilitation 101 & 401,  Leading Teams)
  • Strengthening Direct Social Service Frameworks  (i.e. Harm Reduction, Mental Health, LGBTQI issues, Trauma-Informed Care & Approaches)
  • Sexual Health and Safer Sex Education   (i.e. Consent, Healthy Negotiation, Boundary-setting, HIV/STIs)
  • Youth Development & Empowerment   (i.e. Adultism, Bullying, Developmental Stages, Peer Education Programming)


  • The Body is the Medicine: Self and Community Care Space
  • Healing Retreats for Survivors of Violence or Activist Burnout Recovery
  • Individual Healing Journey Work
  • You Are Not Alone: Art and Writing in Community (with community dialogues)
  • Dreamwork: What Aches To Emerge? (ie Deconstructing Day and Night Dreams to move through Fear)
  • Relationship Healing and Transitions Support


  • Coaching (i.e. Life Visioning, Personal Goal Setting, Navigating Internalized Oppression)
  • Healthier Communication (i.e. Values Clarification, Accountable Communication, Cross-Cultural Communication, Building More Supportive Team or Department-wide Leadership)
  • Healthier Relationships (i.e. Healthier Boundaries, Pattern Breaking, Moving through Conflict or Broken Trust, Creating Agreements, Responding to & Planning Around Interpersonal Violence)


  • Mediation  (i.e. Creating Agreements based on Needs)
  • Conflict Resolution  (i.e. Moving through Conflict, De-escalation Trainings, Understanding the Impact of Social Forces in Conflict)
  • Transformative and Restorative Justice (TJ & RJ) Trainings: (i.e. What is TJ and RJ?, Applying Case Studies and Best Practices)

Shreya helped facilitate our organization in resolving internal conflict issues. They were very attentive to what we all had to say and did a great job in facilitating conversations. I appreciated their ability to de-escalate tense moments and would recommend at least a couple sessions with them. {Anonymous}
“I can honestly say that I enjoyed the entirety of the workshop. Usually at trainings, I’m impatiently waiting for it to be over because many aren’t engaging. This one was engaging from beginning-to-end. I really appreciated it. My favorite part was “matching” and reducing conflict in a situation. I also really enjoyed the module that explored summarizing and paraphrasing. Shreya was a dynamic facilitator! They were attentive to detail, engaged with us, asked clarifying questions, and made it applicable to real life. They were phenomenal. I now know how to handle conflict. I now know how to better work through trauma and stressful situations.”   
{Preston Mitchum, Advocates for Youth}