Multimedia & Installation



Weaving together memory and nest for the Discendants show in honor of my dad and other ancestors (interactive installation interweaving painting, sound, poetry performance, and nest which held participant’s memories of and messages to their ancestors).



In Defense of Magic. Experimental Film Short Collaboration with Poet/Writer Manish Vaidya (Peacock Rebellion). For Everything You Touch You Change (2015) and FREE: Visions of Freedom (2013) Mangos with Chili Shows. Multimedia performance at the African American Art & Culture Complex (AAACC) in San Francisco, CA.

Small Works for Big Change. Small healing prints showcased in handmade frames and donated to SRLP’s largest annual fundraising event to support gender liberation movement work in New York City (2014).

The Birds Remind Me: Honoring Ancestral Connections. Poetry, performance, and installations reclaiming our ancestry. For Discendants: Frequency, Resonance & Memory Show (2013) at the African American Art & Culture Complex (AAACC) in San Francisco, CA.

But That’s Alright. Femme Clothing Line highlighted by the EdenPride Fashion Show (2013) in collaboration with Show & Tell Concept Shop at the Supper Club in San Francisco, CA, 2013.

Resilience & Resistance. Five-minute film short on the importance and power of doing cultural production for personal and community liberation, with Oakland-based spoken word poet-educator, Erika Vivianna Céspedes, at the 8th Annual QWOCMAP Film Festival, 2012.


Discendants. Emerging from a life-sized nest (2013).